Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, This Is What My Blog Looks Like

I wish I had about four hours in the day to myself in which I could blog, tweet, clean, nap, and do anything I wish I had time to do. Alas, that is a pipe dream and somehow 24 hours in one day will have so suffice to try to be super woman. It is okay because I do need to sleep. I like to sleep. Before having kids, I was such a light sleeper. Now, I apparently sleep through thunderstorms and really loud wind. I always wake up when I hear the kids crying. Well, that is not actually truthful. Maybe twice in four years, hubby had to nudge me.
I really have wanted to write, but with a freelance gig with a commute, some at home PR clients, being a wife and a mom, somehow I did not get around to it. Pathetic, I know, but truthful.
I have been loving my new career. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Change is scary and to bite the bullet and take a buy out at a time when hubby was unemployed was insane. But I saw work going in a completely different direction than where I was headed. Leave it to the young 20-somethings with attitudes galore do the work. Let them work 20 hour days, get no sleep and be miserable to everyone around them. Let the mean girls be miserable together. I was ever so happy to move on. And it is funny how people get jealous of how well your life goes. If you want to wallow in your misery and jealousy, I say go for it. It is a waste of time, energy and karma.
It has been awesome to see my kids, to cook, to sit down for a few minutes here and there and just not do a thing. Just relish in the hugs I get from the kids and take in those fleeting moments, so in 10 years when I am not cool enough for them, I will have those kind memories.
So, I know this has been a little all over the place, but that is my life, still, go go go, but not to the tune of the train schedule and the calls that something fell apart at work, after it had planned out for so long. Four poopy diapers in one day in under 5 hours is way better than a terrible day in corporate America. I love that I can balance that and getting a client an interview with the LA Times at the same time. So, super woman I may not be, but I think I am a pretty good wonder woman.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fancy Food Show

Five hours at one day of the Fancy Food Show is almost like crashing a wedding for a few minutes and then leaving. I wish I had gone for two days. With that said, it was FAB to be back at the show, as last year, I was about two weeks from delivering baby #2 and the thought of the hugeness of the Javits Center and not being able to eat all of the blue cheese and foie gras I wanted to, made me decide to sit 2009 out.
Since I do not have the perk of my old job, hubby could not tag along as the "help." I think he has gotten over it. Justin from was kind enough to say he would have provided a pass for hubby. Hubby found their bacon salt in 2008 and it was featured in my Sara Moulton segment. Those guys are adorable and have been ahead of the bacon curve.
The Fancy Food Show is one of the few places on earth you can go from eating salted caramel soft serve ice cream to lentil chips to the super tasty pickles, etc from to drinking hot chocolate from a slew of booths to Sea Buckthorn tea from the lovely folks at to tasting the latest chuntneys, hot sauces, etc etc etc. It really is so cool to see booth after booth of food and drinks. A kid in a candy store feeling!
The first time I went a few years ago, I literally ate my way through the show. Each year, I became more judicious of eating and yesterday, I was so good, that I actually left hungry. Pathetic, right?
The show is open to the media and those in the food and restaurant business. It is a place to show off what is new and each year there are different trends. Past trends include green tea, the acai berry, pomegranates and this year, gluten free was big. It was funny to see some items as GF when they never had any gluten to begin with.
My fave booth is They are excellent purveyors of meats. Everything from hot dogs to serrano ham to my fave foie gras. Ariane D'Aguin is a lovely French woman, who is the most gracious host and is passionate about her products. Stopping by is like being in the countryside in France, albeit for just a few moments of hellos and hugs and tasting of the most delicious food I have come to enjoy.
I have more to say, but now I am hungry from talking about food and I am off to find a snack.

Monday, May 3, 2010

And now for Act 2

Dear Blog, how I have neglected you! See, I left my job after being there for 13 years. Nuts, you say? Maybe, but the timing, although not great, just made a lot of sense. More time with the kids and now time for something new. What to do, what to do? Let me think about it and get back to you. I promise to tell you all about the pasta carbonara I made with the delish bacon from Fleishers soon. xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Meat

The rain tonight put a damper on grilling, so hubby grilled the steaks in the oven. He used the Emeril grill pan to sear each side and then finished the gigantic Porterhouse steaks in the oven. Grass fed animals really do have a superior taste compared to those animals who are not grass fed. Again, YUM, Fleishers. And I am happy to report, I did not burn my fingers on the handle of the HOT grill pan like last time. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!!
And on Bravo now is A FEW GOOD MEN. What did happen to honor and tact? Not sure, but they are dying breeds that need resuscitation. One of the very few Cruise movies that I like. He lost me at, "look at me jumping on Oprah's couch." And Jack with the best line of all, "you can't handle the truth." Ain't THAT the truth.

Pizza meets Fleishers

Hubby had a great idea for dinner. Make pizza with the Rockin Moroccan chicken sausage from Fleishers. Did I mention JUST HOW AWESOME his idea was??? So, we grilled the sausage on the stove. I layered red onions, dollops of marinara sauce, Sicilian black olives (the kind REALLY from Sicily) and covered the dough with the sausage slices. Cooked it at 375 for 20 minutes. Heaven! Every bite was tasty and Sunday dinner was perfect. Check out Fleishers online. The best meat. Period.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catching Up

So, posting once a day isn't in the cards right now. I have good intentions, good ideas, but time is busy and when sleep calls, I go running and crash. I was never a deep sleeper, but in the past two years because I'm so tired, I'm more of a deep sleeper. I have never relished sleep so much.
Update: We never switched cable providers. Hubby looked into it and we decided saving 15 dollars per month wasn't worth the aggravation.
Last night: Hubby grilled chicken on the BBQ for dinner and it was awesome. We are hooked on spices from Penzeys and he used their Northwood Seasonings spice blend. Heaven! Hubby is a great griller and just a great man. He loves me so much and it is almost hard to believe sometimes. He is gaga and I love it and him.
In memoriam: hearing about Corey Haim's passing made me nostalgic for the 1980s and the fashion faux pas/fads and music came flooding back. Pastel Reebok sneakers, perms, big hair, Benneton, leggings, leg warmers, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, INXS, Drakar Noir cologne, acting and singing, proms, meeting hubby, Ghost and Dirty Dancing (the movie).
Friday is a day away and I'm looking forward to the weekend full of hubby's chocolate pancakes and cuddle time with my little ones.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Sunday

In college, I watched every Oscar show with the theatre group. We had pools and food from my parents' restaurant catered one year. As the years have gone by and going to the movies is pretty close to zero, watching the big night is not a big deal. And we have Cablevision, so no Oscars tonight anyway. We are ditching them and it is hubby's job tmrw to figure out a plan. And let's hope that this disagreement to agree upon who gets how much money ends soon or more job cuts might be around the bend. Good times.