Monday, March 22, 2010

More Meat

The rain tonight put a damper on grilling, so hubby grilled the steaks in the oven. He used the Emeril grill pan to sear each side and then finished the gigantic Porterhouse steaks in the oven. Grass fed animals really do have a superior taste compared to those animals who are not grass fed. Again, YUM, Fleishers. And I am happy to report, I did not burn my fingers on the handle of the HOT grill pan like last time. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!!
And on Bravo now is A FEW GOOD MEN. What did happen to honor and tact? Not sure, but they are dying breeds that need resuscitation. One of the very few Cruise movies that I like. He lost me at, "look at me jumping on Oprah's couch." And Jack with the best line of all, "you can't handle the truth." Ain't THAT the truth.

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