Friday, March 5, 2010


Lots going on at work and at home. Kids keep you in check with their love and cuteness. Hubby and I welcome that relief in our hectic lives. Time is flying. I remember being a kid and a day seemed like a week long, especially when nothing good was on TV. Time would crawl by. I wish I could bring that pace back. I'm dreaming of warm weather and a trip to Rhode Island, which we didn't make last year, as I was preggers and finances didn't allow a trip. I also wish I could spend a full day cooking. There is serenity in chopping and stirring. Hubby is making a chicken and veggie stir fry tonight. Nonna's lentils were very good over pasta and a drizzle of olive oil. Hubby and I enjoyed 4 meals. Simple food can bring such pleasure. A dish I love that is very simple is pasta with garlic and oil. I don't like too much of a broth and I'm liberal with grated cheese along with a touch of black or red crushed peppers. And some fresh basil. Don't forget to cook the pasta al dente. I hate overcooked pasta. I always cook my pasta 2 minutes under the suggested cooking time. Very few pastas need the actual time they tell you and if you use a few of the cheaper, but well known brands, and cook the pasta to the time you suggest, your pasta will be overcooked. Yuck!

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