Thursday, January 21, 2010

day one

I have never been someone to postpone doing things, but for some reason starting a blog was something I kept pushing off. I do not have enough time, too tired, too much to do, a crazy commute, the kids, the hubby, the house, the get the idea. Today, I got to work in a good mood and got two cranky e-mails that put me in a funk. I did not want to be in a funk, so I chose to do something to shake off the blahness that had set and what did I think of to do? I headed to and here I am. delishdishmom is something that popped into my head a few months ago. I thought it was catchy and to my delight, the blog name was open. There will be a component I want to add to this blog in the near future. That is under-wraps for now. Yesterday, was hubby's birthday and we headed to Amber on the Upper West Side of NYC. Great sushi and what a bargain, with or without my work id. Then we headed to split a banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. One of my fave finds there. You feel like you are five years old again. All giddy with excitement and like a kid in a candy store, not knowing what to get and changing your mind every few seconds when another decadent dessert catches your eye. How could we eat dinner? Well, we did. My mom made breaded pork chops and veggies. I grew up in an Italian restaurant, so my family knows how to cook. And another dessert? You bet! A chocolate cake from Homestyle Bakery in Westchester County, New York. A layer of chocolate ganache, anothrr layer of cannoli filling with chocolate cake and vanilla icing. For $12, this cake is a steal and it is beyond delish! Better than some NYC bakeries that charge triple that. Those are some tasty finds from delishdishmom.

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