Saturday, January 23, 2010

slim pickings

Hubby had his work awards' banquet tonight. There is an opportunity to make serious money. For now, I remain the supportive wife and still believe a commission only job is not great when you have a family. But with less than a year on the job, he has made a name for himself and I'm proud of him. Again, commission only stinks, until your business takes off. We are starving because the food was a "pickies" buffet. All I could think about was food. And the stuffed mushrooms, made me think of the stuffed mushrooms my dad made at the restaurant. Mushrooms topped with garlic, layered with tomato slices, shrimp, bacon and mozzarella cheese. Sounds good, right? Yes, it was. The food there made so many people happy. I still run into people who miss the pasta e fagioli, the chicken Nella and the flounder Maria. Thanks for that dad. One day, I will dole out those recipes.

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