Saturday, February 6, 2010

Double Wide

We braved the cold, sans snow, today. Winter garb for all and me schlepping the double stroller and the bags because Dave cannot lift anything over a gallon of milk. You do the + stroller = many gallons of milk. Off to the Poughkeepsie Galleria we headed to use holiday gift cards and we tried not to spend money in Target on things that we did not need just yet. This is in no way directed to anyone who lives in or around the Po'k area, but Dave and I thought we were in Hicksville. We were NOT in Kansas anymore or maybe we were. It was bizarre. Like bizarro world on SEINFELD. One girl who looked 16 and had the oddest pastel dye in her hair was talking like she drank too much kool aid and the guy oggling her, who just needed a piece of straw in his mouth and looked about ten years older than her, was hanging on to her every world. And everyone kept looking at our kids. They are cute, but good Lord, people, have you never seen cute kids or were they incredulous that they were not double fisting junk food and were not in ADD melt down mode? And then the woman and her 7 year old, who were VERY capable of NOT taking the elevator...2 women and a stroller enter first, as they were there first, followed by the mom and 7 year old. The mom stands smack dab in the middle of the elevator. REALLY? move to the side, moron, is what I said in my head, of course. I just pushed that double wide right straight into her with my best LEAVE IT TO BEAVER smile and she did move out of the way. You would think that this woman never had a baby. Shopping online is way easier and less entertaining, but after today's culture shock, cyberspace sounds more enticing.

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