Friday, February 12, 2010

Unscientific Surveys

In my two unscientific surveys, I've found that
1) very few people offer a seat on the subway to a pregnant woman
2) the women's room is always after the men's room.
These are two things I've noted over the years. I saw a pregnant woman on the subway on the way home the other day. Hard to tell when everyone was bundled up for the snowpocolyse, but her coat wasn't buttoned and it was obvious she was preggers. No one else noticed and I offered my seat. She declined. I then realized I had offered my seat before to the same woman and she declined before. I would do the same sometimes, as it was just easier to stand in the sea of people than sit, but still it was always nice when someone offered, which was not often. And the women's room IS always AFTER the men's room. Why do we have to schlep further? Sometimes a few steps, sometimesto NJ. Take notice over the next few weeks of my two observations and feel free to agree or disagree.


  1. I am in Las Vegas for a conference this week. Well, I was supposed to have gone home already but since every flight to the East coast was cancelled I am stuck here, on valentine's day weekend without my valentine, I have the time to make my observation! I am staying at The Mirage and in the conference wing, which is HUGE, the ladies room is actually BEFORE the men's room. And they KNOW how to do a ladies room, I'll tell ya. Something like 75 clean, beautiful stalls to choose from. A pregnant woman's dream come true.

  2. Now, THAT is a ladies' room done right. Go eat at all of Emeril's places and Batali and Flay and Puck. I want to go just to eat. Who cares about gambling! I hope you and your honey get to celebrate soon!