Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love To Watch Those Wheels Turn

I asked my son the other day what he wanted for breakfast and he said eggs. I explained the past few days he had asked for eggs and had left half or more. Would he like something else? He said French toast. As my morning is a race against the clock, that wasn't the best option. Yogurt? Waffles and fruit? I offered. He asked if he would have time to play? Of course! And then, I understood! He knew that asking for eggs and French toast would leave him with more time to play before breakfast! I laughed and said you are funny and told him I figured it out and he just gave me the sweetest smirk! Smart cookie for 3! How do little minds work? I'm not sure, but may he continue to be super smart and land a nice scholarship in 15 years! Kids are smarter than we think. Just give them love and the art of conversation and the sky is the limit. And don't make them watch a ton of TV. Gasp! He didn't watch TV until he was one. We got lots of grief for it. It was more exhausting constantly having to explain why than occupying him with other things.

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  1. Very clever!

    We are in a big rush in the morning, too, trying to get to kindergarten on time (which starts almost 1.5 hours earlier than our preschool starts). When the school year started, I made a picture menu of the things that they could ask for each morning. Nothing that takes more than a couple minutes! I think it helped them get used to the fact that we can't leisurely make eggs, pancakes, etc. when we're rushing to get out the door. :)