Friday, February 5, 2010


I am not a fan of the cold, winter or snow. I know some like the idea, but not me. Everyone gets in a tizzy and then it does not snow as predicted and then the next time, we do not heed the weatherman/woman's prediction and we get caught unprepared. Did you ever go to a grocery store before a storm is predicted? Then you know that that is NOT the time to go to the grocery store. That is why it is important to be stocked up in the cupboards and it is a good time to head to the freezer and take the casserole (or fill in the blank) you have had in the freezer out for dinner. I am taking the slow cooker out tomorrow. Not sure what I will do with the chicken yet, but it seems like a perfect day to bring the slow cooker down from its perch. I have visions of being snuggled on the sofa with the fam enjoying some hot chocolate, but you know that the four to five loads of laundry and other household duties will be calling in between. Get the shovel ready, the fridge stocked and let's see what happens today!

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