Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Sounds and Smells of My Commute

Flamenco guitar playing twin brothers with matching hats and glasses. A few solo act guitar playing women who sound like a cross between Joan Osborne/Jewel and Joan Baez. A guitar playing duo with bad 80s hair, but their music surprisingly doesn't mirror their looks. A soulful singing male and female duo, who wears wings and an aviator cap. The homeless guy on the track one or three shuttle to and from Grand Central Terminal, who has a guitar that's missing strings and sings "The Lord is Blessing Me" before asking for donations. This one disturbs me every time...a hunched over old man who plays a keyboard and has these creepy bobble head dolls. Then there are the smells. Well, it is NYC, so you know that it includes the good, bad and the ugly. When I'm in Grand Central, I'm assaulted with smells of wafting butter and chocolate and each day resist the urge to indulge in a black and white cookie. And in their food court, I see a "coming soon" sign for Magnolia Bakery. Did you know they just opened in Dubai? This is a glimpse into my harried commute. Snippets of songs and intoxicating smells that I encounter in my mad dash.

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  1. Black and White cookies....YUM!! There is a deli/restaurant in South Florida called Too Jays that has the most amazing Black and Whites I have ever had. I am sure the owners are just transplanted New Yorkers.