Friday, February 26, 2010


Snow! WAY too much! It has been snowing for almost two days. The piles of snow are so high, we almost cannot see the car outside. And the trees are so heavy with snow, we have had some in the complex fall down. We have a huge branch on our deck that looks like it will snap if any more snow falls on it. It looks pretty, but being snowed in does cause cabin fever. And then in NYC, it just gets to be a big, slushy mess. Tomorrow, I am excited to heat up Nonna's lentil soup. My sister said it needs salt, so I will be sure to add that and then some olive oil and serve over some pasta. And don't forget the ground black pepper. This is one of my fave dishes. It is comforting and tasty to me. I made chicken for dinner tonight. Breaded with some spices. Nothing special and I do need a chicken break soon. Yesterday, at work, my guest was Ree Drummond aka the pioneer woman. She has a cool blog ( and it was neat to get a shout out in it. She said she wanted to be me when she grew up. That made me laugh and also made me happy that my professional side does come thru at work. Thank goodness for those acting skills. LOL! Seriously, it was a nice compliment and I am glad that I do my job well and make the guests feel comfortable for their few minutes on the air. I am glad Ree got back to the ranch okay and did not get stuck in NYC with the snow. She has 4 kids, a hubby she calls "marlboro man", cattle and horses to tend to. A former city gal who traded her Manolo's for equestrian boots. Check out her blog and enjoy being snowed in.

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