Saturday, February 27, 2010

The World

There seem to be way too many natural disasters in the past several years. From Katrina to the quake in Haiti to today's quake in Chile and tsunami watch in Hawaii. Is it really a slow version of Armageddon or is it all just coincidental? It is scary and it makes you very grateful not to live in those places and hope you live in a safe place. It really makes you appreciate each day and makes you want to live it to its fullest. Today, I feel like I hit a brick wall. I actually needed to lay down while my baby napped today. I usually try to cram everything into nap time, but today, I had to just chill. I loved watching the snow melt and drip off of the deck, while my son was being goofy and thought the word "sugar" was hysterical. His laugh was infectious and the cuddle time was just what I needed. We were reading and then he just got all silly and it was the best medicine. Hubby right now is watching a show on Elvis' love songs. What if Elvis never overdosed? What kind of career would he have had and would he have let Lisa Marie marry Michael Jackson? I now hear the Olympics back on. I wish I was 1/100th the athlete that Olympians are. I watch in awe as they skate and snowboard. Such talent and a true testament that practice, practice, practice does pay off. Perseverance to be the best. So, as another Saturday comes to an end, I am hopeful that the world can provide a safe place for our children and that the opportunities they have be endless. They will have come a long way from the farm in the hills of Sicily that my ancestors tended to.

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