Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toy Fair

I got to go to the toy fair for work in NYC this week. The Javits Center is an overwhelmingly LARGE place. Over 7000 new toys! A child's picture of heaven. A producer's mission to plow thru it as efficiently as possible and choosing products that are visual and buzzy. We had two great pr people from the toy fair taking me, talent and two interns around. I've been to the JC for the fancy food show. Aisles and aisles of food and drink. Hubby comes every year to help us find great products. I think he just loves to go to the Italian section and indulge in those Italian cheeses. Can you blame him? The pr ladies took us to booths that we wanted to check based upon our needs, they thought we would want to see. Lots of Star Wars stuff for anniversary of EMPIRE and my son would have been in hog heaven. Me? Happy we scouted in under four hours and I set it up in a timely fashion. And I am tooting my horn, the segment was AWESOME I worked My tushy off and it showed1 I missed the food show last summer, as I was less than two weeks from delivering my daughter. D'Artagnan, here I come!

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